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Company News

Introduction of density of ABS board

Time:2019-05-07 Views:4348
    The abs board is used in many different places, it is relatively tougher, and it is also widely used. It can be used not only in automotive electronics, but also in various devices. There are still improved abs, which have better flame retardancy, can also have a good high temperature resistance effect, and will be more widely used.
     Abs and other materials, have a very good combination, and can better print the surface, as well as the corresponding layers, as well as the specific processing of some layers, in the process of use, in general The number of sheep is 18 to 20, which is a relatively flammable polymer. In this process, we need to know more about the specific density when we choose.
     The density of the abs plate will directly affect the overall model. So far, we can know that this product is an opaque material that exhibits ivory particles and can be colorful in terms of finished products. The product itself has a very high gloss, and the density is about 1.05, the water absorption rate will be very low, and the use process can have very good characteristics.
      There are many different kinds of plates on the market, and there is a certain difference in the demand of each place. It is able to understand the specific situation correctly, and pay attention to the demand for the plate, as well as the corresponding model, so that it can be done. The more appropriate decision is the most basic for everyone. Everyone‘s choice should be positive to understand these specific content, so that they can make a more suitable choice.