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Company News

Market prospects for POM boards

Time:2019-04-29 Views:3976
It is understood that POM sheet and POM rod are one of the engineering plastics, which are more and more concerned by the industry. So what about anti-static POM board and POM rod plastic material? Why can it get such a wide application?
       Naturally lacking resources, the inevitable result of plastic generation
Since the traditional production method is based on high energy consumption, especially in the machinery industry, a large amount of steel is needed. Therefore, the natural resources are sacrificed in quantity. Although the GDP is increased, China has also paid a heavy environmental cost. In particular, the machinery industry is heavily dependent on mineral resources, but mineral resources are also very limited and non-renewable resources. Therefore, the government emphasizes sustainable development strategies every year. Then if there is a product that can replace steel and apply it to various fields such as machinery, then sustainable development will be solved.
    Anti-static POM board and POM rod are such a material. It is a polyoxymethylene compound with high crystallinity, physical properties, mechanical and chemical properties, and good friction resistance. Therefore, it can replace steel in some mechanical fields. There is the title of “Saigang” and “Super Steel”. Moreover, with the improvement of R&D technology, the performance of POM materials will be further improved, so the development of plastic generation will tend to be unstoppable.
High year-on-year price, easy to popularize
The social significance of a product also depends on its market economy value. If a product can only be used in a laboratory or in a small area, it loses its meaning. Nowadays, the production process of anti-static POM board and POM rod plastic material is mature, and the production capacity is improved, so that the production cost is reduced, so the price of plastic materials is not expensive. The anti-static POM engineering plastic material is added to the liquid lubricant in the POM to improve the wear resistance and the ultimate PV value. Anti-static POM board, POM rod This kind of plastic material is superior to steel in the same conditions, its performance is more advantageous, cost-effective, cheaper and easy to popularize. Anti-static POM board POM, POM board, POM manufacturers
Through analysis, it is not difficult to see that POM engineering plastics, its future market trend is very good. But now there are also a lot of fake and inferior products on the market, shoddy and disrupt the market order. Therefore, consumers must purchase from regular companies when purchasing products.
      The performance is good, and the application field is gradually wide. The invention from the beginning was only applied in petrochemical industry. Later, with the improvement of refining technology, it was popularized in the field of life. The anti-static POM board and POM rod have high strength, high rigidity, good elasticity, wear-reducing wear resistance and electrical insulation, and are almost independent of temperature and humidity; dielectric constant and dielectric loss are wide. It has little variation in temperature, humidity and frequency range; it has excellent arc resistance and is widely used in the field of mechanical materials. At the same time, it is related to the sustainable strategy. The state also attaches importance to this field. Therefore, in this respect, capital, manpower and material resources have been invested heavily and listed in the national 211 project key research and development. Then, I believe that in the near future, POM plastic materials applications will be more extensive in life.
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