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POM board selection tips

Time:2019-04-15 Views:3236
The first method is to choose a good reputation and a reputable manufacturer.
The market products are dazzling and diverse, and choosing a good reputation and reputable manufacturer can enable buyers to spend less and buy the products they want and have quality assurance, while eliminating the need for purchasers in procurement. Manpower and time consumed.
How to choose anti-static POM board?
The third method of selecting an antistatic POM board is to test the surface of the conductive or antistatic product to distinguish between good and bad, and it is also a simple and straightforward method.
However, this method can only test the surface of the product, and it is impossible to test whether the product is anti-static or not. Some merchants deceive consumers by applying anti-static materials on the surface of the product, so that the product can play an anti-static role during the test, but the surface has anti-static function.
The second method is to test the conductivity and antistatic coefficient with a conductive antistatic tester.
Generally, the conductive POM board has a conductivity of 10 to the 3-5th power, and the antistatic POM board has an antistatic coefficient of 10 to the 6th power. If it exceeds this range, it is not a conductive or antistatic POM board. The conductive POM conductivity of good quality is recommended to be 4 times of 10, and the antistatic coefficient of antistatic POM board is recommended to be 7-8 times of 10 times. When testing with the tester, don‘t just measure one place, look for the angle that can be tested, test it everywhere, good quality conductive and anti-static POM board, no matter where you change, the conductivity and anti-static coefficient of the test will be stable. At a value. If the conductivity and antistatic coefficient of the test are unstable, the quality of the product will be worse.
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