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Industry information

PC board installation method

Time:2019-04-03 Views:3872
    In the current decoration market, there are many different types of building materials, to provide it with the best protection for our new environmental protection power. PC board as a new type of construction and decoration materials, he brought to each of our users and friends The high functional guarantee also brings us outstanding application. His new construction and decoration materials have high-strength light transmission and pressure-resistant flame retardant, aging and wear and other product functions, which maximizes its own extension. The service life of the product has brought us outstanding process operations.
    That is to say, the current sun board and PC board can bring us good construction and decoration conditions. It can change any viewpoint and shape shape according to our different decoration requirements, so that we can reach the best products. Use power. When we install new styles and decorate the data products, we must pay attention to its device method. The correct device method can make it play the best function, maximize its service life, and bring us outstanding. Use the role.
    Let the sun board be horizontal, and still the straight tilting device can reach the best intention satisfaction. The screw device method can maintain the distance between the plates and reduce the damage of the product. The wet assembly method is suitable for small construction facilities, such as going to garages, carport canopies, greenhouses, etc. It can replace the original glass products.
     Sunlight panels, PC panels, and endurance panels require the same equipment conditions. The basic device methods are marginal fixing, screwing, and wet assembly. The different device methods can bring us the device function and the application methods are different, and the marginal fixed conditions can.
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