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Industry information

PE board instructions

Time:2019-04-11 Views:3887
    Pe board said that PE board is not unfamiliar to everyone, PE board is a simple product, it is not so easy in the process of use, there are many problems that need our attention, perhaps everyone in the process of using PE board I haven‘t paid much attention to it, but it doesn‘t matter. Anheda Xiaobian has compiled some attention problems for you when using this product. I hope everyone can check and collect the collection, and it is also convenient for us to use in the future.
    In fact, for the use of PE board, the problem that needs attention is related to the performance of the product. For example, the raw material of the product is an inert molecular material, and the fluidity of the raw material is poor. Therefore, it is very important to select the raw material during the production. It is difficult to change the die caused by the poor fluidity of the raw materials, and the problem of the increase of gaseous substances. When selecting raw materials, some lubricants should be added. The choice of lubricants mainly includes stearic acid and salts. The PE sheet thus produced is uniform in material and has no air bubbles. In addition, the ambient temperature of the product is also very important, generally should be between -26--80 °C, can not be exceeded, no external force should be used to destroy its structure and loosely loose fasteners.
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