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Industry information

What is the difference between the PA board and the anti-static PA board and the conductive PA board?

Time:2019-04-13 Views:10189
In the sheet market, the common PA boards are anti-static PA boards and conductive PA boards. So what are the differences?
Conductive, anti-static general purpose plastic: PP, PE, PS, ABS
Conductive and antistatic engineering plastics: PC, PC/ABS, PA, PBT, POM, MPPO, MPPE
Conductive, antistatic elastomeric materials: PVC, TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV
Conductive, antistatic high temperature plastics: LCP, PPS, PEI, PSU, PEEK
Permanent anti-static PA board, permanent conductive PA board;
    Carbon fiber conductive, carbon black conductive, steel fiber conductive, carbon nanotube conductive, graphene conductive
Applications: transport packaging, electronics, automotive, communications; medical devices, mine safety, etc.
The resistance values ​​of the conductive PA board and the antistatic PA board are different.
The resistance value of the conductive PA plate is from the third power to the sixth power, and the resistance value of the antistatic PA plate is from the 9th power to the 12th power.
1. Conductive PA board is used to effectively discharge static electricity to avoid charging;
2. Anti-static PA board is to block the onset of charged ions, so that conflicts are not easy to charge.
In fact, the anti-static data is electrically conductive. Generally, the anti-static data of the ambition is in the range of 10 to the power of 10 to 10, which is between the good conductor and the insulator. After the grounding treatment of the resistance data, the person or the item with static electricity can complete the static diarrhea, and the static electricity is transferred to the earth with the grounding wire, and then the antistatic effect is completed. The conductive PA board has a small resistance value, and it is likely to cause a discharge phenomenon when touched. If it is in an electronics factory, it may damage the product.
The main products of Anheda plastic products are PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board, etc. Welcome everyone to consult.
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