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Industry information

What kind of material is the POM board?

Time:2019-03-26 Views:5113
     What kind of material is the POM board? POM board, Chinese acetal sheet is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics, generally it will be used more for mechanical equipment. The performance of the acetal sheet has electrical energy and wear resistance. When the product is designed, the size can be freely selected and has certain corrosion resistance. The oxymethylene sheet has a very good lubrication type. It can also replace some metal materials such as copper, aluminum and zinc.
    The use of POM board is harmless to the environment and the human body. It is applied to many construction projects, and some material hazards that are not conducive to the living environment and the natural environment do not exist. When the POM board is used in large areas in China, our company has also intensified research and development of such materials to produce various POM boards that meet the needs.
    Anyone who knows the POM board knows that it belongs to a kind of crystalline plastic, and it is also a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic which has a high-melting and high-crystallinity, which is light yellow or white, which can be used for many applications. For this occasion, the POM board can be applied to more places.
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