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Industry information

What role does PA board play in industry?

Time:2019-03-19 Views:2405
   What is the role of PA panels in the plastics processing industry?
    In the production process of the PA film in the plastic film, static electricity will occur due to the conflict between the film and the device, and the conflict in the process of forming a tortuous process is too large, which affects the brightness of the film. In the production process of plastic film products, in order to prevent the film products from sticking together, the opening is difficult, and it is necessary to participate in a slip agent, also called an opening agent.
Plastic film commonly used opening agent introduction PA board
There are two main factors in the problem of film adhesion. One is that the film is not easily separated by vacuum adhesion after the film is closed. The other is that there are many leaky molecular chains after film formation, and the macromolecules occur after the two films are closed. Coiled to each other, making it difficult to open.
       The commonly used opening agent for plastic film is inorganic talc powder, diatomaceous earth, etc., and organic oleic acid amide, erucamide and EBS derivatives are developed in the medium term. Now, the use of silica as an opening agent in the film is also used. More extensive.
The inorganic opening agent is to make the film between the film and the surface uneven; the organic opening agent forms a smooth film on the surface of the film, and reduces the collision coefficient of the film so as not to adhere to each other. Together, they prevent the molecules from intertwining each other. PE antistatic agent
       At present, the main products of Anheda Company are PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board, etc.