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Anheda introduces you to the basic performance of the POM board.

Time:2019-04-22 Views:3323
Anti-static POM board is also called anti-static POM board. Today, Anheda Xiaobian introduces the basic performance of anti-static POM board.
First, physical properties:
Anti-static POM board is a hard, dense material with smooth surface and luster. It is light yellow or white, with high crystallinity, good coloration and minimal water absorption.
Second, mechanical properties:
Anti-static POM board has high hardness and rigidity, high resistance to creep and stress relaxation, excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating, and fatigue, which cannot be compared with other engineering plastics.
Third, electrical performance:
Its dielectric loss and dielectric constant vary little over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures, maintaining good arc resistance.
Fourth, thermal performance:
The antistatic POM board has a high heat distortion temperature and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 104 ° C.
What are the basic performance of anti-static POM boards?
5. Chemical properties:
Anti-static POM board has good resistance to solvents, oil, weak acid, weak alkali, etc. It has excellent physical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, resistance to organic solvents, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. It is used to make automobiles, machinery, instruments, agricultural machinery and chemical parts instead of various non-ferrous metals and alloys. Such as gears, cams, bearings, bushings, gaskets, valves, liquid transport pipes, handles and chemical solutions. Especially in the automotive industry, it is widely used in the production of universal joint shafts and vaporizers; in the construction of faucets, agricultural sprayers, agricultural sprayer components, audio and video tapes, tape reels, photographic equipment and various precision instruments, etc. .
Anheda‘s main products are PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board, etc.
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