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Several types of POM boards

Time:2019-04-22 Views:3498
What are the basic types of POM boards, let the anti-static POM board manufacturers Anheda give you a popular science.
POM-C/H (black, white): Represents POM copolymer and POM homopolymer. POM copolymer has low melting point, thermal stability, chemical resistance, activity characteristics, hydrolysis resistance, alkali resistance and thermal oxidation degradation. Processability is better than homopolyformaldehyde. The POM homopolymer has high crystallinity, creep resistance, lower thermal expansion rate, wear resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, heat distortion temperature and the like than acetal copolymer. (At present, POM-C copolymerization is commonly used in POM semi-finished products on the market)
POM-H+PTFE (dark brown): POM-H+TF is extruded from DuPont POM (DELRIN) raw material plus PTFE (Teflon) fiber. It retains most of the inherent strength of POM-H. Due to the addition of PTFE (Teflon) fiber, there are some functional changes, slightly softer, less rigid, and more slippery than pure acetal resin. Compared with pure POM boards, this kind of data has better lubricity. The bearing made of POM-H+PTFE has low friction coefficient, wear resistance and basically no activity.
POM board (polyformaldehyde board): English name Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as racing steel plate. The POM plastic particles are extruded through a high temperature extruder, and extruded through the corresponding die mouth to obtain plates of different thicknesses. It is a high melting point, high crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastic. Due to the characteristics of the POM board, it is suitable for machining on the active lathe, especially suitable for making precision parts.
Shenzhen Anheda Plastic‘s main products are PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board, etc.
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