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How to install and use the ABS board

Time:2019-04-26 Views:3397
ABS sheet metal industry template as an emerging material. Its full name is styrene board. Currently the largest output, the most widely used polymer. St., PS BS has various organic properties, hard and difficult, excellent balance of mechanical properties. Below, we will learn to install ABS plates with you!
ABS sheet installation method:
1. At the beginning of the opposite direction of the wall in the upper right corner of the template installation water filter product, the template of the first wall beam and the first bundle of filters are placed on the filter template with a beam width of not less than 25 mm;
2, the template consists of two steps, in accordance with the concrete nails fixed;
3, template and template assembly method using the composite ring in the ring to load the template positioning pin, the pin is rotated 90 ° fixed, and then fixed with cement nails to ensure the ring strength;
4. Repeat the above steps until all the templates are installed. Install the template and prepare the self-test template to confirm that it meets the technical requirements of the design drawings.
5. In order to prevent leakage of the plasma template matching, use ABS adhesive in the overlap.
The excellent impact strength of the ABS template can be used at very low temperatures, excellent wear resistance ABS formwork, dimensional stability, oil resistance, and can be used for bearings at moderate loads and speeds.
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