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Industry information

ABS board domestic development trend

Time:2019-04-19 Views:3886
ABS resin and polystyrene resin made of ABS sheet are based on continuous improvement. ABS resin appeared before a company in the United States styrene-butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber tried to improve the brittleness of polystyrene, which is also a lot of tried and hard work, finally impact-resistant polystyrene.
Subsequent research has also been reported in other countries. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan also introduced the production technology of ABS resin, which made ABS sheet more widely developed.
What is the development prospect of ABS board in China?
The types of ABS resins are now more widely used. Our ABS products mainly include electronic and electrical accessories such as our common refrigerators, TVs, telephones and other office equipment. This year, the demand for ABS boards in the electrical and electronic appliance industry, the computer industry, the air conditioner and copier industry continues to increase. Second, the demand of the transportation sector is also increasing every year. In many areas, ABS boards have a low cost advantage and also significantly increase competitiveness. The domestic industry of ABS board will usher in a new era.
       The main product categories of Anheda also cover various engineering plastic semi-finished products such as PA board, PP board, PE board, PC board, POM board, ABS board and PU.