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Industry information

Anheda ABS board material storage method

Time:2019-05-24 Views:4636
     Plastic materials ABS board is used in the market, and most customers will store it; ABS board has many storage time factors, usually in 10-20 years, some time.
     Here: ABS sheet delay
     The first method of living: ABS sheets are usually sealed tightly at the factory and are not damaged.
     Second: When the ABS sheet is in stock, prevent direct sunlight and follow good ventilation. There is a protective film before the ABS board is installed, and it is not damaged, in order to avoid damage to the board.
     Third: At the scene, there is no sunshade net store to buy the covering, but also to achieve the ventilation effect, to prevent the protective film from adhering to the ABS sheet. Fourth: After the completion of the installation plate sealing edge, the better, increase the quality and safety.
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