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Industry information

PC board value

Time:2019-05-13 Views:4280
    Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of plates on the market, especially plastic plates, which look almost the same and are difficult to distinguish.
    But in fact, their materials will be different, in the case of PC board and acrylic board, the shape is the same, I do not know which price is more expensive?
    The price issue has always been a concern of consumers. Most people are willing to use this as a basis for selecting plates, but this should not be the only basis or key factor. After comparing the PC endurance board and the acrylic board, it is definitely more expensive for the PC endurance board, but it is recommended to choose the PC endurance board because it is worth the money.
    In terms of transparency, PC endurance board and acrylic board should be similar; there are different performances in impact resistance. It is obvious that PC endurance board is strong in impact resistance, so the cost of PC endurance board is cost-effective. Relatively high.
    Moreover, the PC endurance board not only has good outdoor UV resistance, but also can be sound-insulated and can be bent; the key is that its toughness is very good, even if it is cold-bending, it will not break. Currently, the precondition is to stay within the bendable radius.
    Acrylic sheet is a general flat plate that cannot be bent, which makes its application very limited. In some special occasions, it can only be replaced by PC endurance board. In short, whether it is performance or quality, the PC endurance board should be a grade higher than the Biekli board, so it is worth the price.
   The main product categories of Anheda also cover various engineering plastic semi-finished products such as PA board, PP board, PE board, PC board, POM board, ABS board and PU.
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