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PC plate knowledge popular one

Time:2019-03-26 Views:2985
      At present, there are many types of plastic sheet market: PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board, etc. Today, Anheda Xiaobian and everyone explain the knowledge of PC board.
      So what is a PC board?
      The PC board is resistant to weak acid. It is made of polycarbonate as the main component and is co-extrusion technology CO-EXTRUSION. It shows that the PC board is resistant to neutral oil, not resistant to strong acid, not durable, not resistant to alkali, and should be coated with UV. Only then. But high temperature resistance, good lighting effect PC solar panels (also known as polycarbonate hollow panels, glass Kaplon panels, PC hollow panels) are processed with high performance engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC) resin. It is characterized by high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy and anti-aging. It is a high-tech, comprehensive performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly plastic sheet. It is a plastic widely used in the world. Building materials have other advantages than other building decoration materials (such as glass, plexiglass, etc.).
      In the board market, PC boards mainly include PC sunlight board and PC endurance board, PC wave tile and PC lighting tile and PC synthetic resin tile, and the sun panel is hollow multi-layer or double layer.
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