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Industry information

PP plastic plate welding method

Time:2019-04-03 Views:4398
      PP plastic plate is a kind of plate that is often used in our industry. It has low density, easy welding and processing, and has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. It is the most environmentally friendly project. One of the plastics.
       So, do you know how to weld PP sheets, and what are the welding methods for PP sheets? Let‘s take a look at them.
The welding method of PP plastic sheets is generally considered to be irreversible for thermoplastic welding. A few processes such as induction welding can produce reversible assemblies. As for which method to choose, it should be selected in the design of the part. Because the welding method is very important for the drawing of the part, and the welding method has different effects. Hot gas welding techniques are generally used to weld plastic tubes, sheets or semi-finished products rather than injection molded parts. However, many thermoplastic molded parts, in common, thermoplastic automotive discs are repaired by hot gas welding techniques, and hot gas welding is sometimes used to prepare plastic molded parts.
       Hot plate welding, which is a thermoplastic welding process that uses an electrically heated metal mold to soften the surface of the joined plastic part. It is suitable for almost all thermoplastic parts, large or small. It is common to weld softer semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as PE sheets or PP sheets. Since different mold surface temperature names are applicable to two different thermoplastic materials, this process is best suited for welding different materials. Hot plate welding can reach very high weld strength. However, the cycle of this process can be relatively long, requiring 15 s for small parts and a few minutes for large parts. Hot gas welding is a welding method widely used to join thermoplastic profiles and sheets to produce very large parts. It is suitable for the manufacture of smaller injection molded parts, thermoplastic parts and molded parts that require some assembly. It is important to produce the electrode with the same polymer brand as the part being welded.
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