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Industry information

What are the production process advantages of ABS board PA board?

Time:2019-03-19 Views:2443
    The ABS board production process can be divided into upstream and downstream processes.
    The upstream process refers to smelting, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, etc., which is the same as other high-precision strips. The downstream process refers to heat treatment, surface treatment, stretch bending, lubricant application, vertical and horizontal shearing, precision cutting and deep processing, etc. The downstream process is much more complex and has many more processes than other high-precision strips. Can be simply expressed as: unwinding - heat treatment, air-cushion furnace (fuel, electric or electromagnetic induction heating) solution treatment (temperature 500 ~ 600 ° C) or annealing, water quenching / air quenching - surface treatment (cleaning and conversion treatment) - pull Bent car - painted lubricated - coiled and so on.
    Heat treatment, conversion treatment and lubricant application are key processes, and the throughput of ABS strips is determined by the throughput of these processes. In addition to the solid solution and annealing functions, the heat treatment process should also have the function of producing a T4P (pre-aging) state coil, which is a state unique to the production of heat treatable ABS sheets. The conversion treatment is chemical oxidation treatment in a mixture of fluorozirconium/titanate, and a passivation film is formed on the surface of the aluminum. The chemical element composition is titanium, zirconium, aluminum, oxygen, fluorine, and the mass of the film is 1~4mg/ Dm2, density 2.8g/cm3, thinner than anodized film, but much thicker than natural oxide film, colorless or slightly blue, is a good base layer for adsorption lubrication, and has good corrosion resistance, can be very good The ground protection ABS strip is not corroded during the shelf life (6 months).
    PA board
    The lubricant can be dry or wet, sprayable or roll coated, and then dried or cured. The lubricant film provides good lubrication conditions for sheet metal stamping and is easy to form.
    ABS board with downstream processing technology can build a fully continuous production line, or can be built into two or three independent production lines, the center line can be in one plane, or can be built into an elevated or double layer. The maximum speed of the full continuous production line should not exceed 150m/min and the production capacity is about 120kt/a.
    At present, Anheda‘s main products are PA board, PP plastic board, PE board, pc board, pom board, ABS board and so on.
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