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Industry information

What is the difference between the Abs board, the PVC board and the acrylic board?

Time:2019-04-13 Views:12847
    Acrylic sheets, ABS sheets and PVC sheets are commonly used in the industry. What are the differences between them?
    Different kinds of plates look similar, but there are quite a few differences. We can understand them correctly, so in the process of using them, we can also know what we are doing, and at the same time, according to our actual needs, we will do well. There are great relationships with us all about the choice of use, and I hope to help everyone.
    Acrylic is a relatively early-developed polymer with certain plasticity. It can have better transparency during use, as well as chemical stability and weather resistance. These aspects are relatively more Not bad, and when used, the appearance is very beautiful, the processing will become easier, and it is relatively widely used in many construction industries.
    PVC board is also known as foam board. The main chemical component is polyvinyl chloride. It is used in many passenger cars and train roofs, as well as in some residential offices and public places. The compartments, as well as the decorative shelves, may use pvc boards. In the process of application, the range of industries that are relatively more widely used is also very much, and the final function and effect can be truly guaranteed when used.
   ABS sheet is one of the five synthetic resins. It will also have good heat resistance and low temperature resistance during the application process. It will be easier to process, and the product will be more stable after the finished product. The surface will also be smoother. In terms of painting and coloring, it is relatively easy, which also gives us more protection.
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