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Industry information

Where are the main applications of ABS boards?

Time:2019-04-13 Views:4422
ABS board is very common in the material market. Let me explain to you the main application range of ABS board.
ABS sheets have been replaced by a large number of metal materials because of their inductive effects, which have a very good function. Products are widely used in household appliances, electronic appliances, office equipment, automobiles, machinery and other categories.
1, ABS board is applied in home appliances and adopts the most view category, including TV, radio, washing machine, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioner and other shells and internal components.
2, using ABS plastic plate auto parts The car has the appearance, outer casing, outer casing, adjustment handle, door lining, control switch knob, duct, etc. mainly use ABS impact resistance, such as strength, rigidity and formability. Accessories include fenders, armrests, ventilation covers, support, buffer expansion boards, and more.
3, office equipment and ABS excellent impact resistance, excellent rigidity. Dimensional stability and formability are economical and practical for the manufacture of enclosures for a variety of office equipment. Office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, typewriters and computer monitors have higher requirements for fire protection, so general flame retardant ABS is used for the preferred order.
4, mechanical ABS plastic shell can be used to produce mechanical equipment and general mechanical parts. Such as water tanks, exterior casings, electric cabinets, battery cans, gear bearings, pump impeller mold models and fasteners, bolts, covers.
5, mold model due to the superior processing performance of ABS plastic, light weight, low price, in recent years has been widely used in the manufacture of home appliances industry, automotive, mechanical equipment, testing instrument mold model. At present, the world‘s leading 3D prototype made of ABS as a standard material, then you can do any new product you want to test the appearance, suitability and related function model flying size machine. It has the best performance-price ratio in its class.